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Telecom Canada
Advances in broadband and small office networking technology have created demand
for readily available
VoIP Hosted Services, allowing businesses to utilize their existing
high-speed broadband cable or DSL Internet connection to make calls, rather than using
conventional phone lines. The results are lower phone bills and an easier, feature-rich
networking experience.
The Local Telephone Company Ltd utilizes technology from the
number one provider of VoIP Hosted Services in the world today for their consumers,
while offering an extensive small business application experience to provide an
unmatched value proposition to small and medium sized businesses...                              
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IP PBX Hosting
Come together at any time and from any place, regardless of distance. With Flat Rate
Audio Video Conferencing you can stay in constant contact with your collaborators,
partners and clients "contract free" despite your busy schedule. Conduct virtual
meetings with prospective clients and distributors; do online presentations and
demonstrations of the company's products; review and dynamically annotate proposals
and agreements; deliver effective presentations of your products and services;
conduct online training for your customers, sales reps and much more...
Audio Video Conferencing - flat rate
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Telecom Canada is a division of Telmaster Consulting Inc ® All rights reserved
Telecom Canada connects you with product and service solutions for:  SIP Trunking,
e-Learning, Audio Video Conferencing, IP PBX Hosting (using  Linksys by Cisco and
Grandstream IP Phones),
Cell Phone GPS Tracking and PBX Equipment.
Connecting you with top performing
Canadian Telecom Businesses
IP PBX Hosting
Privacy Policy U.S. / Canada
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Telco on-the-go
Today's phones

  • No long term contracts
  • No startup fees
  • No hidden costs
  • No cancellation penalties
  • No software/equipment installation are required
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