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Cell Phone GPS Tracking
Introducing a new Cell Phone GPS Tracking application that allows you to track your
employees on the move and in real time. Registered users can reveal their whereabouts
globally on the internet from where they currently are to where they are going. This
product utilizes existing mobile phone systems to reveal movement every few seconds
within an accuracy of
5 meters. You can track your mobile work force to determine if
they are working as efficiently as possible with online history tools. In addition, you will
be able to view their current location and speed in real-time. The easy-to-use website
allows you to view all your contacts simultaneously moving on the map at once no matter
where they are on the planet. From within one city or on different continents, this
Phone GPS Tracking
application has taken the social compass concept and turned it
into an affordable solution that will revolutionize how people and business stay visually
connected with each other and with GPS accuracy.
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While most location based web services use assisted GPS
navigation, this
Cell Phone GPS Tracking application receives a
true signal directly from the satellite giving you pin point accuracy.
With this application, you can see people changing lanes on the
highway. Being able to see multiple users allows you to locate ALL
of your employees at the same time, anywhere in the world. This

Cell Phone GPS Tracking
application allows you to go back in time
to see where you have been previously, showing all of your
coordinates along the way, including speed. Not everyone you
know will have a
Cell Phone GPS Tracking account . No problem
- the built in
Quick Locate feature allows you, the registered user,
the ability to invite guests to see your movements in real-time.
Geo-fencing allows you to set a parameter for your employees.
Once this parameter is broken, a text will be sent to you. The timer
feature allows you to set a specific time for the application to be
turned On/Off.
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